Abyssinian and Somali Cats.


taken 2001 (stud)


The Aureate prefix is registered with the NSW Cat Fanciers' Association, the show standard for both the Abyssinian and Somali cats may be found on their website. www.nswcfa.asn.au .


For a definition of Abyssinian read the following:-

A Affectionate

B Beautiful

Y Young at heart

S Sprightly

S Sagacious

I Irrepressible

N Noble

I Intelligent

A Adorable

N Nepenthes

For a definition of Somali read all of the above and clothe in a flowing coat with a beautiful plumed tail. They are as addictive as the Abyssinian with all of the same qualities. They are a much under-rated breed.

For the history of Abyssinian or Somali cats in Australia please go to the Australia's First Abyssinians page. There is specialist club for Abyssinian owners and breeders who also welcome Somali enthusiasts. It is formed in 1966 and has its own specialist show, this show currently is held in Sydney in August. The club website is at www.abyssinian.org.au

Abyssinians and Somali cats colours:

There is variety in the colours that, it is really a mater of personal preference. Tawny ( a rich warm brown with an apricot tummy), Blue (a blue grey colour with a warm oatmeal tummy), Cinnamon ( a rich copper colour which appears much the same all over), Fawn ( a milk coffee colour). There are also variations of these colours where the rufous gene has been replaced with silver, a sparkling white ticked with the standard colours. I do not breed silvers but go to http://home.kooee.com.au/nivalis to see them.

A Fawn Somali

The unique factor with the Abyssinian is the ticked fur, which gives bands of the main colour over the base colour. So in the case of the tawny, there is brown or black ticking on each hair alternating with the rich warm brown. Somalis have similar ticking except, as their fur is longer, there are usually more bands of ticking on each hair.



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